Yes! The use of the app is completely free and without obligation.
Only the instant payment function incurs a fee of 2.39% plus VAT. 

Invoicing in the Moojo app is the simplified way to create a regular invoice to your customers, just like you used to do. Instant Payments allow you to have us pay you your money right away.

We charge a small fee of 2.39% plus VAT.


We need to get to know each other better first. The more you use instant payment, the more we can pay you immediately. Don’t worry, the missing 19% will be paid to you immediately when your customer has settled his invoice.

You have to connect your bank account for a soft credit check with our product partner aifinyo AG. This is a fully licensed and secure process and no data will be extracted or saved.
 Now verify your identity via a video identification with IDnow. That’s it.
Once the verification is completed, you will get notified and the Instant Payment will be transferred.

Before we can pay your invoice instantly we quickly need to verify you. No worries, we only need to do this once. 
When you make your first Instant Payment request, we need to check a few things. Since this is a BaFin regulated product, we need to verify you and activate your profile. This verification can take up to 48h. But don’t worry, once you are approved, payments will only take a maximum of 24h.

In case your client doesn’t pay in time you can start reminding him. To avoid overdue payments, use our Instant Payment product and get your money paid instantly.

The transfers are made within 24h.
Only the first request may take a little longer (up to 2 working days), because we have to verify your account. After this verification, we transfer the money within 24 hours.

No, your client doesn’t have to do anything else.

After your instant payment has been transferred, your customer will receive an email from us with the info we’ve taken over your invoice and the relevant account details for the payment.

If a client doesn’t pay, we send out the usual email reminders and in the worst case, after 3 failed reminders, we initiate an official dunning procedure.

You can create as many invoices as you want.

Every freelancer residing in Germany needs to submit a tax number. The tax number consists of 13 digits, you get it in a separate letter from the tax office (Finanzamt).

Do not confuse it with the tax ID. The tax ID consists of 11 digits only. You can find the tax number in the letter from the tax office or you can see it on your last income tax statement.
If you are VAT liable, you should also enter the VAT number. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied on the sale of services within the EU. It is assigned by the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).


Your invoice numbers should continue as before.

Your customers are saved in your profile. When you create your next invoice, you can search for your existing customers in the search field.

To change your email address, please contact our customer support at support@getmooojo.com

As you’re handing over your invoice to us, the payment due date should be at least 7 days, so that the client has enough time to transfer the payment to us.